The Art and Letters of Hayley Barry


In a world where most things are made to be thrown away, let me make you work that will last.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Hi, Iā€™m Hayley Barry

Hey there! My name is Hayley Barry, the artist behind Type Affiliated. I am a 21 year old hand letterer and artist living in Provo Utah with my husband Allan. I am a maker of wonderful things, a believer in all things hand-made, and a lover of all things
Over the past couple years, Ive been blessed to do illustration, lettering, sign painting, and design work for so many amazing clients in Utah, and across the United States.
      Nothing brings me more joy than getting to create, and to help others ideas become a reality through the work that I do. 
       I'm grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I've been blessed with and look forward to all the good things to come!





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